GO MODULAR Green Credentials Prospectus 2020 - 2030

GO MODULAR Green Credentials Prospectus
GO MODULAR is committed to protecting the environment for future generations by leading the way in the use of timber in offsite modern methods of construction (MMC).
Timber has the lowest C02 'cost' of all commercial building methods. A typical timber frame house saves, on average, four tones of CO2 compared with an equivalent traditional built house
The Impact of Timber On Our Planet: Timber has a natural thermal insulation effect, preventing heat energy from escaping.
Modular Manufacturing Off-site = Less Waste
It is looking to transform the construction industry to become more productive, more sustainable and more internationally competitive – with an emphasis on using data and more modern construction methods.
Advantages Of Timber Frame Construction
GM is committed to using sustainable methods of manufacturing. This means that we are a part of TRADA and that we only use wood that is FSC and PEFC certified. In other words, when manufacturing anything, we use wood that is “happy” and wood that will leave the planet happy too!
During the COP26 Summit, the UK government launched the Breakthrough Agenda, at which 42 states committed to accelerate the use of clean technologies and sustainable solutions by 2030.