Homes England supports local authority in modular pilot


The government’s delivery agency provided £120,000 to Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council in order to build four modular homes.

The council has identified seven other sites and is working for other councils to share knowledge and expertise on modular housing.

Homes England said the council is speaking to Warwick District Council, Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Rugby Borough Council and North Warwickshire Borough Council to share information from the pilot scheme.

It is also establishing a procurement framework to provide suppliers with assurances and greater volumes in order to achieve economies of scale.

Previously, modular builders have said that it is difficult to aggregate enough demand to deliver housing at low enough prices to make it viable and that without low prices demand is even lower.

Homes England has funded a local authority to build modular housing in a pilot intended to spread expertise.

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