• Our vision is to make and sell innovative technology that makes construction of new homes up to 35% faster and 20% less expensive yet out performs all quality standards. GO_modular is a group of modular construction specialists with unique knowledge and experience in off-site construction.

• GO_modular technology enables the production of houses – off site - within a state of the art factory.  With an annual capacity of more than 300 apartments and houses we are pioneering a lean, fast, and economical off site construction process.

• GO_modular volumetric units could satisfy almost any architectural and design type residential projects, be it a single family house or multifamily homes. This is consistent quality, reduced risk and green by design housing.

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We are a group of modular construction specialists and entrepreneurs with unique knowledge and experience the off-site construction sector. At GO_modular we have created a branded, tested approach to modular delivery, having been involved in the construction of onsite schemes in the UK and Internationally.

We call it ITE Technology - Ingenuity Through Experience Technology.   

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"The construction industry must modernise or die!" *

*The Farmer Review of the UK Construction Labor Model, October 2016

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