• Our vision is to make and sell innovative technology that makes construction of new homes up to 35% faster and 20% less expensive yet out performs all quality standards. GO_modular is a group of modular construction specialists with unique knowledge and experience in off-site construction.

• GO_modular technology enables the production of houses – off site - within a state of the art factory.  With an annual capacity of more than 300 apartments and houses we are pioneering a lean, fast, and economical off site construction process.

• GO_modular volumetric units could satisfy almost any architectural and design type residential projects, be it a single family house or multifamily homes. This is consistent quality, reduced risk and green by design housing.

Team experience FACTS

Specialists in the design and build from single level houses till multi-story developments  - size exceeding 10,000 sqm per project.
More than 500+ 
residential units delivered to date in modular 
technique nationwide.
Track record in UK nationwide projects with a value in excess of £44m to date.
1 week average project installation time on site.



We are a group of modular construction specialists and entrepreneurs with unique knowledge and experience the off-site construction sector. At GO_modular we have created a branded, tested approach to modular delivery, having been involved in the construction of onsite schemes in the UK and Internationally.

We call it ITE Technology - Ingenuity Through Experience Technology.   

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"The construction industry must modernise or die!" *

*The Farmer Review of the UK Construction Labor Model, October 2016

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