GO_modular factory products:

  • Flexible, non-limited size and shape timber frame modular units;

  • Flexible, non-limited size and shape hybrid frame modular units;

  • Production of pre-panelised timber frame structures.


• GO_modular flexible construction capability can meet the needs of almost all types of residential projects, from family houses, multifamily homes, over 55 living or apartments.

Consistent quality, with reduced post construction risk and sustainable design, delivering Green homes

Annual factory capacity targeting 15,000 m² finished floor areas at a sales price from £995 m².

GO_modular attractive technology is cutting edge, chic and ready to take on traditional construction methods!

GO_modular ITE Technology

Prototype Factory FACTS

<img src="Modular installation-Bristol.png" alt="Modular construction, modular building">

The flexibility to provide any architectural demand

GO_modular Technology ensures the factory outputs are flexible to meet the customer’s  architectural requirements. 

The key to efficient manufacturing is the GO_modular Technology approach to meet traditional construction objectives with modular solutions which can be dressed in a range of architectural finishes.

<img src="Modular.png" alt="Flexibility in size and materials –   GO_modular flexible size system">

Flexibility in size and materials – 

GO_modular flexible size system

Flexible, Fast, Efficient and High Quality

We can produce almost any type and any size of residential buildings.

If you have Planning Permission for your next development project and you are contemplating ‘how to build it’ – GO_modular is, by far, the best solution!

By sending us details of your Planning Permission / Planning Drawings we will transform your project into modular format and provide an indicative budget for consideration.

You will be capable to deliver your project significantly faster, with a guaranteed higher quality of finish, which will be less costly than any traditional construction method.