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BESPOKE MODULAR housing solutions 

for small and medium-sized developments:
be it a house, a roof extension, apartments or any other project!
GO MODULAR Technology ensures
the factory outputs are flexible to meet the customer’s architectural requirements. 

There are various approaches to modular production, but it is rare to find a modular company that offers a customized approach without predefined products or systems that may restrict architectural creativity. At GO MODULAR, we solely focus on a customized approach without any predefined products. We modularize the approved schemes and produce them at our factory in Southampton.

Modular construction is another option for constructing your house, penthouse, apartment, roof extension, or office, providing an alternative to traditional building methods.

The uniqueness of our approach adds
the diversity everyone craves.

GO MODULAR has developed the know-how methodology of splitting almost any given building into modular units.

The key to efficient manufacturing is the 

GO MODULAR Technology approach to meet traditional construction objectives with modular solutions which can be dressed in a range of architectural finishes.





GO MODULAR flexible construction capability can meet the needs of all types of residential projects, from family houses to multifamily homes, or apartments and roof extension.

GO MODULAR is your opportunity to reduce build costs and achieve a high, fast pace revenue on your projects!

How does
provide for its users?

A short discussion with the professional team at GO MODULAR will provide unrivalled expert advice for your bespoke project.

By sending us details of your planning permit or planning drawings we will transform your project into modular format and provide an indicative budget for consideration.

We will continue to work closely with you to deliver your building from “drawing stage” into the manufacturing process, delivery, on site installation and completion of the modular element of your residential development.

Our technology together with its application has the capability to translate and produce project drawings into modular units, this goes for almost any residential project that has a Planning Permit. We will use your planning drawings and will provide an engineered solution for your project to be manufactured employing modular techniques.

Consequently, you will be capable to deliver your projects significantly faster, with a guaranteed higher quality finish, and it will be less costly than any traditional construction method.

Modular House in Poole manufactured and installed by GO MODULAR
Modular building

Our unique approach to modular construction makes
GO MODULAR the best solution!

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