Dear Developers

It’s not a rocket science, but it does take skill and knowledge to deliver two family homes
7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, installed kitchens and internal finishes on site in one day.  You will say it is not possible - it is if you GO MODULAR!  
Installed on site in under 5 hours - two houses designed to meet the client’s design requirements!

We can produce almost any type and any size of residential buildings for you. If you have a Planning Permission for your next development project and you are contemplating ‘how to build it’ – GO_modular is, by far, the best solution!

By sending us details of your Planning Permission / Planning Drawings we will transform your project into modular format and provide an indicative budget for consideration.

You will be capable to deliver your projects significantly faster, with a guaranteed higher quality of finish, which will be less costly than any traditional construction method.

"Achieving cost and speed improvements to deliver affordable housing on a large scale will require, above all, a shift in mindsets. ”

McKinsey Global Institute

"A blueprint for addressing the global affordable housing challenge"

The technology used at GO MODULAR

is the best way to catapult

your project forward!

Team experience FACTS

modular construction
Specialists in the design and build from single level houses till multi-story developments  - size exceeding 10,000 sqm per project.
modular homes
More than 500+ 
residential units delivered to date in modular 
technique nationwide.
modular construction, modular, modular homes
Track record in
UK nationwide projects with a value in excess
of £44m to date.
modular construction, modular, modular homes
1 week average project installation time on site.