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Process of building and delivering modular
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Timber has the lowest CO2 'cost' of all commercial building methods.

A typical GO MODULAR house saves, on average, four tones of CO2 compared with an equivalent traditional built house

involved in all aspects for off-site production, construction and delivery 

GO_modular create low impact, bespoke, modular housing solutions for small and medium-sized developments.

We use proprietary technology & off-site construction to complete projects in days rather than months.

Product, Process, People

The technology used at GO MODULAR
is the best way to catapult your project forward!

We are a group of modular construction specialists and entrepreneurs with unique knowledge and experience the off-site construction sector. At GO_modular we have created a branded, tested approach to modular delivery, having been involved in the construction of onsite schemes in the UK and Internationally.

We call it  ITE Technology - Ingenuity Through Experience Technology.   


At GM we have created a tested approach to modular delivery whereby we translate existing planning drawings into a bespoke modular format for manufacturing.

• Our vision is to make and sell innovative technology that makes construction of new homes up to 35% faster and 20% less expensive yet out performs all quality standards.

• GO_modular technology enables the production of houses off site - within a state of the art factory.  With an annual capacity of more than 300 apartments and houses we are pioneering a lean, fast, and economical off site construction process.

• GO_modular volumetric units could satisfy almost any architectural and design type residential projects, be it a single family house or multifamily homes.

The uniqueness in our approach adds the diversity developers crave.

This is consistent quality, reduced risk and green by design housing.

Compuiter screen with drawings for modular building


We can produce almost any type and any size of residential buildings.
If you have Planning Permission for your next development project and you are contemplating ‘how to build it’ – GO_modular is, by far, the best solution!

Off-site manufacturing, finished room of a module


By sending us details of your Planning Permission / Planning Drawings we will transform your project into modular format and provide an indicative budget for consideration.

Module installed as a roof extention


You will be capable to deliver your project significantly faster, with a guaranteed higher quality of finish, which will be less costly than any traditional construction method.

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Using GO MODULAR required significantly less energy to heat the house and resulting in less energy being used. As well as being environmentally safe, it also saves plenty of money for the property owner.