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Modular Homes UK

At GO MODULAR we are proud to offer fast, affordable and bespoke modular solutions for both commercial and domestic construction projects. Here are just four reasons why modular is the way forward:

  1. Our method of construction means that the majority of the build is created in a factory environment

  2. The finished products are then weather-proofed and sent to the site where they are them assembled by our team

  3. When investing in a modular home you can expect to spend up to 25% less

  4. Construction is quicker and the weather has almost no impact on the build schedule

As well as modular homes we can also provide bespoke solutions for extensions, prefabricated flats, student accommodation and commercial buildings.

If you want to see us in action, see our case studies that have taken us across the UK. Some projects to consider looking at are:

To discuss your plans for a modular home in the UK, get in touch with our team today. Fill out the contact form or call us on 023 8086 9719.

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