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GO MODULAR mission is to promote and support off-site construction methods and technologies. We strongly believe that modular construction is the future and the answer for inefficiency, never-ending construction cost inflation, immense lack of capacity: it addresses these and many more problems that the UK construction industry suffers from. We believe that there is no other way how to really address the housing problem but only “GO MODULAR, GO OFF-SITE”.

We welcome healthy competition and are happy to be part of the existing “off-site production family”. MOST IMPORTANTLY - we cheer up and welcome each and any new manufacturer or construction company in the market. That’s those companies who have been bold enough to start their own off-site production or choose to use modular methods instead of traditional construction approaches. Therefore we are more than happy to share and provide our experts analysis, advice and consultancy services for developers, architects, engineers and construction management teams with companies who are looking for the most efficient solutions for their projects.

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One of the most attractive and compelling aspects of modular construction is its exceptional cost-effectiveness, which has proven to be immensely advantageous. This innovative and forward-thinking met


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