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Significant time and cost savings using MMC

As the modules are produced in a factory environment, fully wired, plumbed, decorated, and with joinery installed, a typical 4-bedroom house can be manufactured in a matter of months, and assembled on-site in a matter of days.

GMTL design technology with timber allows for a fully bespoke design allowing any shape, opening size, or height up to 9 storeys. The design of the modules is tightly controlled, with cutting tolerances of less than 3mm. Whilst the design and automated cutting process is highly skilled and technically advanced, the module structures themselves can be assembled by a relatively low-skilled joiner. This again supports the opportunity to rapidly scale production with minimal labour or heavy capital constraints.

Timber is a relatively cheap material when compared to concrete or steel frame construction. Combining this with an efficient production method results in fully fitted build costs of between £1,610 -£1,950/m² above slab being readily achievable, despite the current inflationary pressures seen across the construction industry. This is in comparison to market pricing for D&B tender returns in the immediate locality to GMTL of £2,250-£2,950/m² for a comparable specification.

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